O'Connell Electric has been constructing substations, switchyards, and relay stations for nearly 80 years. Our comprehensive electrical construction services provide the foundation for medium, high, and extra high voltage collection, transmission, and distribution systems. Our broad experience working with public utilities, municipalities, and independent developers makes us uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of your transmission or distribution project.  We specialize in providing fast, reliable grid connection.

O'Connell is always up for a good challenge. We won the bid for prime electrical contractor in charge of repowering the Village of Lake Placid, Whiteface Mountain, and the Olympic Village to prepare for the 1980 Winter Olympics. We built new substations, upgraded all existing systems, and set transformers at the summit of Whiteface.  The project was instrumental in elevating our capabilities (literally) and opened new doors for the division.

Over the decades we have built our expertise and capability through hundreds of medium to extra high voltage substation construction, upgrade, and retrofit projects. Our customers span industrial and commercial businesses, educational institutions, developers, public utilities, and government.

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Site Development Services

  • Environment Management & Construction Plans (EM&CP)
  • Tree Clearing
  • Staging Areas

New Construction, Expansion & Upgrade Services

  • Civil Work
    —Site Grading, Seeding & Fencing
  • Pad Preparation
  • Conduit & Trench Systems Construction
  • Steel Structure Fabrication & Erection
  • All Major Equipment Installations
  • Bus Work:
    Mechanical / Compression / Welded
  • Foundation & Control House Construction
    —Control & Relay Wiring
  • Grounding Systems Integration & Construction
  • Technical Services
  • —Engineering Services
  • —Acceptance Testing &
  • —Protective Relay Testing &

Service, Maintenance & Emergency Response Services

O'Connell provides comprehensive end-to-end substation, switchyard, and regulating station systems preventative maintenance, inspection, and emergency response services.

  • *Custom Maintenance Programs*
  • Substation Switching
  • Substation Systems Inspection & Repair, Upgrades & Replacements
  • Mechanism Lubrication of Group Operated Switches
  • Insulator Cleaning & Replacement
  • Transformer Repair & Replacement
  • Switch Repair & Replacement
  • Breaker Repair & Replacement
  • Capacitor Bank Repair & Replacement
  • Mutual Aid Response—Disaster & Storm Restoration Services
  • Technical Services
    Preventative Electrical Maintenance
  • —Infrared Scanning
  • —Transformer Oil Analysis
  • —Ultrasonic Scanning
  • —Circuit Breaker Primary &
       Secondary Injection Testing
  • —Megger Testing
  • —Harmonic Analysis
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
    —Call 800 343-2176