Our Electrical Construction Division is at the heart of the company, dating back to its founding in 1911. O’Connell defines electrical construction as any and all electrical related services required to power and energize facilities and structures of any type and size—beginning at the service feeder, ending with the last outlet or fixture—we do it all. We electrically construct high rises, distribution warehouses, manufacturing facilities, universities, prisons, military complexes, power generation facilities, hospitals, casinos, airports, stadiums, data centers, cell towers . . . any type of structure or facility.

O’Connell Electric is a leader in LEED construction in New York State. We recently completed Syracuse University’s massive 230,000 square-foot Life Sciences complex and Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Applied Science and Technology Building—bronze and gold certifications, respectively. Today we have several LEED projects in the works.

O’Connell keeps facilities running at peak performance through our custom maintenance programs. We provide periodic condition assessment reports with recommendations for upgrading lights, mechanical systems, and machinery with more energy efficient alternatives.

O’Connell provides the full electrical package for meeting the standard and technology driven needs of organizations today regardless of size, scope, and complexity. Continued improvement through training and education programs keep our managers and technicians up to date on industry technological advancements and customer requirements. Our tools and equipment are second to none. O’Connell’s track record of success is continuously demonstrated through safety, schedule, budget, and customer satisfaction measures. Repeat business has become our standard.

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Electrical Construction


Design/Build Services

  • Budget Review
  • Engineering Design Support
  • Code & Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Testing & Technical Services
  • Construction Feasibility Reviews & Consultation
  • Prefabrication
  • Specialty: LEED
  • —LEED Accredited Personnel

New Construction & Renovation Services

  • Underground Distribution
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Relocation Services:
  • Electric & Pneumatic Instrumentation
  • Site Lighting
  • Temporary Power Services
  • Building Automation
  • Production Lines
  • PCB Transformer Replacement
  • Specialty: LEED
  • —LEED Accredited Personnel
  • Specialty: Historical Renovations
  • Communications
    Specialty Systems
  • —Voice & Data Systems
  • —Security & Life Safety Systems
  • —Audio & Video Systems
  • Technical Services
  • —Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • —Engineering Services
  • —Cable Testing
  • —Acceptance Testing &
  • —Protective Relay Calibration &

Power Generation Services

  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Emergency Backup Power Systems
  • Temporary Power Service
  • Power Plant Upgrade
  • Land Fill Gas To Energy (LFGTE)
  • Renewable Energy—Wind
  • Renewable Energy—Solar

Service, Maintenance & Emergency Response Services

  • *Custom Maintenance Programs*
  •  Facilities Maintenance:
  • —Lighting Maintenance, Retrofit &
  • —Service Upgrades
  • —Switchgear Modifications &
  • —Machine & Equipment Installation
  • —Motor Control Installation
  • —Standby Generator, UPS &
       Transfer Swtch Installations
  • —Temperature Controls
  • —Variable Frequecy Drives
  • —Office Renovation & Upgrades
  • Technical Services
    Preventative Electrical Maintenance
  • —Infrared Scanning
  • —Transformer Oil Analysis
  • —Ultrasonic Scanning
  • —Circuit Breaker Primary &
       Secondary Injection Testing
  • —Megger Testing
  • —Harmonic Analysis
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
  • —Power Outages & Failures
  • —Switchgear Replacement
  • —Transformer Replacement
  • —High-Low Voltage Cable Repair &
  • Call 800 343-2176